2 years of Progress!

Today marks the second anniversary of Progress Psychotherapy (& RFCBT before it). I would like to thank all of those who entrusted us with their mental health care. To mark this occasion I have highlighted the big developments of this past year and then offer a sneak peek into my plans for year 3.

Looking back at year 2

The service grew massively from August 2020 to now. We have more than doubled our client base and are now a financially stable business. I received my accreditation in November and became a full-time therapist in January. The name of the service was changed to Progress in February to reflect the holistic approach we take (with CBT staying the main focus) and that the service may grow enough to be more than just me in it. Arlene had been a friend to the service for many months, assisting many people who refer to Progress. We made the association formal in April. This was more than a simple subcontracting arrangement, Arlene has been able to build her practise as part of Progress without having to remake all the admin and IT systems I had already built. She has been able to quickly give therapy to more people than ever before.

Looking forward to year 3

Beyond COVID

The digital-first service was critical to let us operate during lockdown and it has worked well. Services such as Google Workspace have enabled a reliable e-therapy service that is a great asset. But the question of what the service looks like after lockdown is still a work in progress. I want to answer this as soon as possible and update organisational policy to reflect. There will always be some form of e-therapy service to let people beyond the local areas access it but developing in addition to this is worth doing.

Service development

The service’s growth has been driven by its development. As well as Progress’ own clients Robert now sees clients for a larger service as an associate and uses the service infrastructure to support Arlene’s practise as our associate. Going forward we will further add to this with services such as clinical supervision and many more.

I am so grateful for everyone’s continued support and happy to be part of people’s journey.