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Beyond lockdown- the opening of a physical venue in Kilmarnock

We have been a digital first service since COVID so how the service looks after that has been something I have been working on for a few months. Today I signed the lease to rent suite 3:7 in the Ingram Enterprise Centre, 30 John Finnie St, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DD. This will be Progress’ first physical venue and will be used to fully restore in person sessions, replacing the limited home visits system. The most common questions have been answered below.

2 years of Progress!

Today marks the second anniversary of Progress Psychotherapy (& RFCBT before it). I would like to thank all of those who entrusted us with their mental health care. To mark this occasion I have highlighted the big developments of this past year and then offer a sneak peek into my plans for year 3.

Website version 6.0 launched- twice as fast, twice as beautiful!

I have been really happy with the site’s performance since version 5.0 launched in April. The documents and tools hosting has been a fantastic resource for clients and others to apply our work to the real world. It has also been great for the site, driving return visits far beyond where they were and general traffic is by far the highest it has ever been. But I don’t want the service to stop there so I made a £100 investment into advanced WordPress compatible software to enhance the site’s design and performance. So with one week till the services second anniversary, progresspsychotherapy.com version 6.0 launched today.

Getting your view- full return for in-person sessions in East Ayrshire

Since COVID, Progress has been a digital first service with very little in-person services. Since the lockdown has been lifting people have asked about bringing these back. The question is how to do it with our larger client base. If we keep with home visits fewer people can be seen and we are going to have to start charging for travel time to maintain income. The alternative is sourcing office premises (likely in Kilmarnock) and asking clients to come to me.

The next stage: clinical supervision services coming 2022

Robert has confirmed the commencement of his training as a clinical supervisor beginning in September 2021. Progress will begin offering clinical supervision services in 2022. All qualified/accredited counsellors and psychotherapists undertake clinical supervision to ensure they are being fully supported and their practice meets the highest standards. Robert is an accredited therapist who has been involved in the training and development of others.