is a resource for current and prospective clients. It was designed to be simple to use. The top navigation bar takes you to all the main parts of the site. The bottom bar has contact and social media links plus an easy link to this guide (click the cookie notice).

The site has 3 functions-

1- Information and resources for prospective clients (the Therapy and Clinical Supervision pages). Guides explaining the services and referral information for these services can be found here.

2- Resources for current clients (the booking and tools pages). These enhance your service and make these resources easy to access.

3- A place for service news or things clients may find useful to know.

The site does not hold or share any identifiable information. 

This site uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that get downloaded to your device when using a website. They are used by your browser to make your experience smoother and remember settings like site zoom preference. You can delete or disable cookies using your browser settings.

This website is designed and maintained by Robert Fulton and is powered by WordPress. It offers service information to prospective clients and enhances the experience of current clients by offering service resources. Site development is charted by the changelog below.


UI: Tweaks were made to make the site faster, easier to read and better formatted for all screen sizes. The top bar now animates blue to indicate the page a user is on. This enabled the removal of title bars to save space on smaller screens. Slight redesign to foot to have previews of news items.

Tools: The page was redesigned as there has been a doubling of tools. Formulations were added for schema therapy and CBT treatment models for depression, generalised anxiety, Health anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem, OCD, Panic disorder, PTSD and social anxiety. New tools for values work, TRAP/TRAC, Interoceptive exposure, paradoxical intention, stimulus discrimination, safe place image, attention experiment, unmet emotional needs, anchoring, the wise mind and the systems of compassion. All tools were released under the Creative Commons 4.0 BY-SA license.

Therapy & Clinical supervision: These pages were updated with more information and reformatted for better use of space. They format better n a range of screen sizes. 


Booking: The booking page was revised to add 2 hour supervisions and remove the external payment links. Clients/ supervisees can either direct pay or can be invoiced by the business banking app. This removes the extra 2.5% fee making it more accessible. 

Tools: Small revisions of all tools and new tools added- Exposure and response prevention, coping strategies and timeline.

Text improvements: Across the site the text was updated for clarity and simplicity of use. 


Rebase: WordPress has been rebased to Elementor Pro. This should be much faster and have more features than before. This actual site design is a remake of version 9 but will enable further site enhancements in the future.

Tools: Added radical acceptance and fixed bugs with the thought record. 


Design: Pages are tabbed to make them cleaner and contain more information. All pages were redesigned. Some buttons like site search and social links were removed to speed the site up and improve layout, especially on phones.

Book & pay: The booking system was integrated into the site to make more accessible. Payment was kept as external links to help security.

Tools: These were updated and new tools were added. Renamed to tools as referral documents are moved to the relevant site section.

Depreciation: PWA, site search and dark mode were depreciated as they slowed the site down and had low usage. The site should be faster now.

Book & Pay: An upgrade to the Progress Store feature. This made the site faster and more reliable.

Site info: this page includes site and regulatory information like cookies.

Progress Store: a new feature adding booking and payment functions.

Tools: An upgrade made all tools fillable pdfs. They can be printed or typed now with no layout issues.

General enhancements: The site has several performance and layout improvements. Latest News is in the footer bar and there are now smaller social links in the header and footer. The headerbar is better formatted on mobile and for new clients the therapy info section has been updated with a better reading layout and more information (including the therapist profiles).

Upgrade to documents & tools: these are locally hosted and load faster.

Theme upgrade: Move to base the theme on Vilva Pro. Better layout, faster, dark mode added.

Performance improvements: Alterations to caching and other backend services to make site load faster.

Depreciation of linking: The links from the old domain have ended, the domain itself has expired.

Minor update: Added new therapy tools to the documents page. WordPress update to newest version.

New feature: Documents & tools. This new feature hosts Progress’ therapy tools online for client use.

Website transferred to new domain: Part of transition to new brand identity and retirement of RFCBT trade name. redirects to the new site.

Rebase to WordPress: The website was completely re-written in the open-source tool WordPress. The site became faster and more customisable. The news feature was added.

Theme: The site moved to bespoke branding based on the services blue and green colours.

Security: site defaults to HTTPS for better security.

Initial release: written on hosts web design platform. Featured service information and contact details to self-refer.