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Ensuring professional standards- full BABCP accreditation.

After further evaluation Robert had his accreditation status with BABCP (the UK’s CBT body) upgraded to full accreditation (the highest level). When accredited by BABCP it is initially provisional for one year then therapists are re-evaluated to ensure they continue to practice at the high standards expected of them. To be certified in this way is a great point of pride but more importantly it gives clients confidence in the therapeutic ability and professional standards of Progress Psychotherapy. We want clients to know we take meeting the standards you need very seriously and meeting these standards is a priority for …

Ensuring high professional standards: Secondary accreditation.

Just a bit of housekeeping to update you on. While my primary professional membership is my BABCP accreditation, I have held registered BACP membership for a few years as a non-CBT membership. I have transferred over to COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland). This was due to them being the body that validated my PGDip so very aware of my qualifications. I was accredited by their assessment body. I now hold dual accreditation of both BABCP and COSCA but my BACP membership is expiring at the end of this month. This doesn’t affect clients rights. BABCP and COSCA will both oversee …

2 years of Progress!

Today marks the second anniversary of Progress Psychotherapy (& RFCBT before it). I would like to thank all of those who entrusted us with their mental health care. To mark this occasion I have highlighted the big developments of this past year and then offer a sneak peek into my plans for year 3.