COVID-19: Return to in-person sessions, risk assessment & safety plan

On 09/07/2020 the Scottish government initiated phase 3 of its COVID-19 lockdown routemap. This allows home visits to resume as of 10/7/20. In principle, this allows RFCBT to resume face-to-face operations which can be more effective and suits some clients better. However, it is important to do this as safely as possible.

I will be getting in touch with clients and caregivers to draw up individual risk assessments and safety plans next week. These will allow resumptions of face to face sessions and restoration of suspended sessions in the near future. Exact timings will depend on individual circumstances.

In the meantime, stay safe and keep well.


18/06 update on COVID-19 Guidance

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Apologies for last week’s unavoidable technical problems but version 3.0 is now live. Its had a complete re-write in WordPress that should be faster to navigate and load. Better hosting should lead to no more downtime, it’s simpler for new clients …