Progress will begin offering clinical supervision services in 2022. All qualified/accredited counsellors and psychotherapists undertake clinical supervision to ensure they are being fully supported and their practice meets the highest standards. Robert is an accredited therapist who has been involved in the training and development of others.

The exact pricing structure is to be decided but it will be in line with Progress’ values of being affordable and accessible. The discounts program will be active and may be available to practitioners who are volunteering or not being paid yet for other reasons.

Robert enters full training as a supervisor in September 2021 in anticipation of launching this service in 2022. At that point, Progress will be able to take on counsellors/ therapists as supervisees. Before then, Robert has spaces for 3 supervisees as his training. This includes 6 months of free 2 hour supervision for 3 people. Please get in touch at if you are interested.