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Booking, resources, an app and upgrades- progresspsychotherapy.com version 7.0

We are delighted that version 7.0 of progresspsychotherapy.com has now rolled out. Here are the key additions to enhance the client experience-

Progress Store– Book and pay on the site.

The Progress Store is an integrated method to book sessions with Robert and pay for sessions with all therapists. It features automated session reminders as standard. You book the session for free and once it is confirmed you can come back and pay. Payments are still processed by SumUp so it is as secure as the SumUp store was (that will be closed).

Resources– every tool laid out perfectly.

One of the site’s best features has been the tools library. It gives clients a resource and reason to return to the site. These have been redone to be fillable pdfs that are interactive and print perfectly. Since there are fewer files they will load faster too.

The Progress app- booking and tools on your phone.

A progressive web app has been added to the site. This lets you choose to install the site as a phone app that caches, integrates with the phone and loads faster. On android, just go to the site in Chrome and the option will pop up. On iPhone, open the homepage in Safari, click Share and “add to home screen”. The iPhone PWA has the same enhancements as the Android version; it just needs more steps to install to meet Apple policy.

General enhancements

The site has several performance and layout improvements. Latest News is in the footer bar and there are now smaller social links in the header and footer. The headerbar is better formatted on mobile and for new clients the therapy info section has been upgraded with a better reading layout and more information (including the therapist profiles). Also, the email bot accounts has been upgraded to support. It sends receipts and reminders from support@progresspsychotherapy.com.

Overall, the site is more useful and makes your therapy journey easier than ever.