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Opening the Kilmarnock office and expanding payment options

The office in Kilmarnock is nearly ready to open on Monday. Everyone is currently booked for their normal videocall but if you want to come in just email and the session will be changed to face to face. To get ready for this we have been looking at expanding the ways clients can pay. We now have the following methods-

Bank transfer

The current method stays as it always was. This method is fast and has no transaction costs. Clients are given the details on referral but contact Robert if you need them again.


This option was removed at the start of the pandemic to enable social distancing but will be restored for in-person sessions. To help the environment and reduce paper use receipts will still be emailed out.


A brand new option, payments by debit/credit card. In the office there is a card reader and we have an online store to pay here. This is a convenient option but has a premium. Our partner charges a 1.7% transaction fee (about 60p for a £30 session) per card payment using the reader and a 2.5% transaction fee (about 80p for a £30 session) using the online store. Clients who don’t want to pay the transaction fee can of course use the other payment methods. The store is set up to pay standard session prices but if you have an alternative price plan just email Robert as you need to pay and a one time link will be made for you (also includes the 2.5% transaction fee).

This should make the transition smoother and let us facilitate in-person and distance services. This information will be added to the Psychotherapy Sessions page for ease of access. I look forward to seeing you in the office or online!


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