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Website version 6.0 launched- twice as fast, twice as beautiful!

I have been really happy with the site’s performance since version 5.0 launched in April. The documents and tools hosting has been a fantastic resource for clients and others to apply our work to the real world. It has also been great for the site, driving return visits far beyond where they were and general traffic is by far the highest it has ever been. But I don’t want the service to stop there so I made a £100 investment into advanced WordPress compatible software to enhance the site’s design and performance. So with one week till the services second anniversary, progresspsychotherapy.com version 6.0 launched today. Lets see the changes-

Lightning fast

I have updated a lot of the base software with newer versions that include better caching tools, transferring all pictures to webp format (about 30% smaller than traditional formats), theming efficiencies to reduce clicks and removal of some legacy software plugins server side. The site is now about twice as quick and needs to download much less data to load.

New customised theme

I have purchased a lifetime license for the Pro version of the WordPress Vilva theme that I based the site on. This enabled massive customisation of the site to make it look better, run more efficiently (fewer clicks to get around), load faster and be more interactive with a tracking header bar and better social media integrations.

Dark mode

The customisability also allowed me to enable dark mode on the website. You will see a gear in the top right of the screen to choose the familiar bright theme or a dark theme that will be easier on the eyes in dark light.

Depreciation of rfcbt.com linking

As previously announced, legacy support for the rfcbt.com version of the site has ended. This served the transition well to redirect to the new website but it is rarely used now and removing unused features help keep the site fast.

I am very happy with how the new version of the site has turned out and it will serve our growing number of new and returning visitors well.

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