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I.T. update- important email change

We have had an I.T. update which raises the site to the newest WordPress version, adds a new tool for client use and comes with an important communication change (check your saved email address!).

At the start of the year, the service adopted its current trading name, Progress Psychotherapy. It had previously been known as RFCBT (Robert Fulton CBT Services). We updated our site and mail server in line with this but kept a redirect for the site and email so the clients using the robert@rfcbt.com email address would have it automatically redirected to robert@progresspsychotherapy.com. The RFCBT domain and mail server will be depreciated at the start of August so these emails will not redirect anymore. Please ensure you update your contact for Robert to robert@progresspsychothjerpy.com if you have not done so already to ensure your emails get seen. Arlene’s and the account’s email are ok as they were brought in under the new domains.

The tools page has added food diaries (typeable and printable) which are effective for a number of eating disorders. These should be monitored by a therapist but are put on the site for client convenience. Robert is going to write up more anxiety management, relaxation and mindfulness tools to further boost this resource in future. If there is anything you think should be added, let Robert know.

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