And then there were two….

We are delighted to announce that Arlene Thomson has agreed to associate with Progress Psychotherapy. Arlene has been a friend of the service for some time. She began to support Progress in 2020, helping reduce Robert’s waiting list and ensure people were seen in a timely way. This has been really important to help people get the support they need at a time when the need is higher than ever. Find out more about Arlene on the about page.

Robert remains the main practitioner but Arlene allows Progress to have more capacity to see people than Robert ever could alone. We welcome Arlene’s clients to Progress. You can utilise all of Progress’ infrastructure like unlimited videocalling, news on the website and social media, downloadable tools and secure business payment with no fee rises.

Progress will continue to develop its service and work on the goal of making therapy accessible for as many people as possible.

Robert & Arlene.

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