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Documents & tools library online (website version 5.0).

CBT uses formal worksheets to engage balanced thinking styles (as reading and writing engage these functions in the brain). Traditionally, these have been paper/pdf documents but in the wake of COVID and the move to distance sessions, these became less useful. I have written new sets of tools for Progress that can be typed or printed.

In version 5.0 of the website, it has a new feature- the documents and tools library. Prospective clients can download a referral form and policies to email a self-referral. For current clients, typeable or printable versions of the most common CBT tools can be downloaded to enhance their ability to keep their work going outside of the sessions. The current set of tools is only the beginning, in the future more will be added (such as anxiety management techniques, radical acceptance, and more). I am excited to make the e-therapy experience much more engaging for clients. Feel free to check the tools out here.

Bug: The about me section is currently down for maintenance as part of the update but should be back tomorrow.



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