Introducing Progress Psychotherapy Services. A new brand name and updated contact details

The service has an updated brand and trading name- Progress Psychotherapy Services (also trading as Progress Psychotherapy or just Progress for short). The Robert Fulton CBT Services & RFCBT brand names are being retired.

This decision was made a few reasons. 1- As the service becomes a more mature business rather than a side activity it was important to give it a more professional brand identity. I am increasingly working with associate clients who have more confidence in a stable brand.

2- The name must reflect the variety of services being offered. While CBT remains my primary modality I have many clients undergoing mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, schema work and more. I will also be looking to offer clinical support services such as supervision for counsellors and therapists in late 2021 or early 2022 so the name had to reflect that variety. The name Progress was chosen to reflect what binds every client, they are seeking support to progress in their own journey.

This change is not being made in preparation to step back from the service. I remain the sole trader and other than a more marketable brand identity the service is the same. One thing to check is to make sure you are up to date on communications. Your Meet links won’t change and my phone number is still 07544940018. However, my new email address is There will be a mail redirect from the RFCBT address for a few months but best to keep it updated. The website has moved to (but the old address should redirect) and for those who contact the service via social media, the pages have changed. Facebook is now at- and Twitter is at- Those who follow the pages will still see them but I know some don’t for confidentiality so remember they have moved.

This is another step in establishing the service and making it the best place to support your progress. As always contact me if you have any questions and thanks for your support.


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