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Session changes due to COVID-19 and new online platform

Some changes to in-person and online sessions.

Firstly, in response to new Scottish Government guidelines, all in-person sessions have been cancelled. Luckily, these were a minority of clients after the previous lockdown and all have been offered online sessions (check your email). In-person sessions cannot be booked until government guidance changes and even then this will only be allowed in cases where online sessions cannot be done (such as a condition that makes distance sessions impractical or no broadband internet).

For online sessions. This mornings test of the Google Suite videoconferencing and email service was successful so all clients will be moved to this (thanks to clients who tested it). Skype rooms will be closed and links to Google Meet sessions emailed out at the end of the week. Google Meet had no dropped calls and almost no stuttering making clients experience much better. Be assured, as RFCBT has purchased a subscription to the service clients will not be charged for its use.

Thanks and I look forward to our future sessions.


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