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Exam result anxiety

Today is the release of Scottish exam results. This can be a day of pride for young people but also a day of disappointment and anxiety. You may not get the results you hoped for and fear for your future. There is massive pressure on young people who are often told their future depends on these results. To anyone in distress please remember that one day doesn’t determine your future or how smart or capable you are.

I would like to share my first exam results. I was bullied quite severely and had to take a leave of absence, missing many classes. As such my results were-

I thought these results would end my chance of a future psychology job but I later went to college where I was able to get my qualifications, go to university and get my Degree in Psychology and PGDip in CBT.

If you got great results that’s fantastic. If not, it means nothing about your potential and there are always other chances. Be kind to yourself.