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Bringing back in-person sessions

RFCBT will resume in-person sessions from next week (27/7/20). These will be in line with government and professional guidelines for COVID-19 safety.

For current clients- you all have a COVID-19 risk assessment that explains why we can or cannot resume in-person next week. If not it will give a reason for this and a plan to review again (usually when the Scottish government announces phase 4). Distance sessions remain an option for you.

For new clients- I am now accepting referalls for in-person sessions either directly or though Counselling Directory. You will have to email me any information related to COVID-19 risk in your household so we can do a risk assesment. If this finds that it is unsafe for you to have in-person sessions due to inablity to socially distance or increased risk of COVID-19 complications then distance sessions remain an option until the risk falls.

Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you.


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